When Shall We Begin To Do Good?

(c)2015 Jessica Richmond, All Rights Reserved.

The Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, like most great experiments, began quite unintentionally and arose from the natural pursuit of truth and the goodness and beauty that attend Truth incarnate.

Each Oratorian community seeks to follow this exciting hunt for truth by emulating the joyful example of this saint of jubilant mysticism, the man whose insistence on the beauty of holiness captured the imagination of Renaissance Rome in such a way as to earn him the title of apostle of Rome – to revive what Peter and Paul had planted with martyrs’ blood!

In these pages, I hope you will find the same fascination with God and His works that characterized the first followers of St. Philip in Rome more than four hundred years ago and still draws men and women of good will to see in his joyful face the face of Christ reflected, and in his good cheer the invitation of a loving God to know Him more fully and follow him more faithfully.

It is our goal, in bringing the charism of the Oratory of St. Philip to the Midwest, that this bright example of holiness will draw many to find again the delight of walking with God and rejoicing in the gifts He showers upon His Church.

As this foundation of St. Philip’s sons matures and grows here in Kalamazoo, and on the web, I invite you to follow our growth and become in some way a part of the family of the Oratory, as indeed all who partake of the joy of this man of good spirit are not merely consumers of a method or program, but truly a family united in charity.

Then, let Good St. Philip guide us, the Holy Spirit set our heats aflame, and the Lord be our only treasure!

Fr. James Richardson
Very Rev. James E. Richardson V. F.
Kalamazoo Oratory of St. Philip Neri