The Attraction of Faith Through the Expression of Beauty


Fr. James Richardson and Br. Edward Olsen
The Oratory has at its heart a house of priests and brothers called the Congregation of the Oratory, who live in a common bond of charity. It is the work of the house to encourage each man in holiness and help him to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit according to the gifts and vocation of each. The first means of this is the familiar conversation on the Word of God, mental prayer, and the works of charity, especially the formation of youth.


Pilgrimage to St. A's
The Congregation of the Oratory serves the broader community around them who thirst for the living water of faith. The Congregation is assisted by the Little Oratory, the community of lay faithful who are drawn to the spirituality of the Oratory. Their activities include devotional exercises, spiritual direction, attention to excellence in the liturgy, and the healing work of the confessional.


Photo taken May 13, 2016
Born out of the experience of the Italian Renaissance and the rebirth of classical culture in the sixteenth century, the Oratory of St. Philip has always held dear the power of beauty to attract in the cause of goodness. Whether through art, music, or the simple beauty of creation, the Oratory is still known for this work to unite souls with what is good and true through the way of beauty.